Broken ARM Leads


Expiring ARM Leads Funding At 19.82%

Get your share of the $1.5 trillion in ARM resets scheduled this year! 

The housing boom of the turn of the century was fueled by the popularity of Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs).

25 percent of the $8 trillion mortgage market is comprised of ARMs, and a significant portion of those loans ($368 billion worth) are scheduled for their first reset this year. The public records of some of these loans have been compiled into ARM lists, but that is all they are-lists. They contain no detailed loan information, no payment information, no property information, and no indication of the phone number's status or DNC compliance. With an ARM list, you're stuck calling or mailing to incomplete and inaccurate data.

A SmartLead adjustable rate mortgage lead is rich in loan and property data. It is Do Not Call-compliant. It gives you the relevant data you need to prepare a quote before you call.

Each SmartLead ARM refinance lead includes:

  • Recast dates-choose your timetable: 30, 60, 90, 120 days ahead of the adjustment date
  • A valid phone number you can call --  federal Do Not Call-registry compliant
  • Current interest rate and the maximum recast rate
  • The APN code of the property
  • Accurate property information, including the original lender, appraisal, first and second mortgages, the property size, and many other important fields
  • A marketing kit including pre-merged letters, postcards and envelopes to save you time.
  • Leads are delivered each month in formats that fit your needs--HTML, CSV, Excel, and more

SmartLeadz come with an ironclad lead guarantee and replacement policy. We have the most lenient and common sense return policy in the industry. If a phone number is not valid, if the homeowner has already refinanced, or if the loan is under $100,000 or 5%, just let us know. We will replace the lead at no additional charge.  

Imagine having a Do Not Call-compliant phone number of a homeowner facing a budget-busting adjustable rate mortgage increase in 30, 60, 90, or 120 days.  SmartLeadz presents "Broken ARM Leads". We can tailor a campaign to meet your exact needs and budget with the best ARM lead in the industry!

What Do SmartLeadz Broken ARM Leads Offer?

ü      DNC compliant

ü      Call verified to eliminate bad numbers

ü      Cost effective targeted campaigns

ü      Motivated & Qualified consumers

ü      Funding at industry groundbreaking levels (up to nearly 20%). 

ü      Dedicated Account Manager to assist you with your campaign.

Say goodbye to inaccurate data, weak ROI's, and start closing loans today!

·         Their current interest rate

·         The ARM's maximum interest rate

·         The estimated payment increase (post reset)

·         The original lender

·         The original appraised value

·         Any first and second liens


Quality Control audits all of the leads each month to track funding rates and we monitor and track your campaign. Our number one goal is a max return on your investment.


Funding Facts: (12,603 Broken Arm Lead sample):


Still in ARM - (open to be closed)



Funded less than 90 days before reset



Funded 0 to 10 days after reset



Funded 10 to 60 days after reset



Funded 60 to 90 days after reset



Funded 90 to 120 days after reset



Funded > 90 days after reset



                  Total Funding rate:  19.82%


Don't Just Survive In Today's Market... THRIVE !!!


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