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  Are You Missing Out on 80% of the Market?

A midsize, south-east regional lender mailed 5,000 Direct Mail Trigger pieces this month and received 136 inbound responses. That's a 2.72% response rate, a huge increase above the .05% to 1.0 % response rates that lenders typically experience.

The lender attributes this success to a few key factors...

  1. Mortgage Trigger leads are motivated prospects derived from inquiries into a consumer's credit report while they are shopping for a new mortgage loan.   
  2. Consumers are receiving fewer direct mail solicitations so they have a high propensity to respond because they have not been inundated with offers.
  3. There are 4X more Direct Mail Trigger leads than Triggers with phones for telemarketing yielding hundreds of thousands of new records each week.

Daily and Direct Mail Triggers continue to be our number one performer.  Less lenders in the market mean greater response rates across the board.

Mortgage Inquiry Leads

Receive a daily feed of consumers in your target market that just yesterday had their credit checked for a mortgage loan approval. That's right; these consumers have just had their credit checked within 24 hrs, specifically for a mortgage loan approval!

 Mortgage Trigger Data

WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY THE BEST PRICES & FRESHEST DATA AVAILABLE. Without a doubt the HOTTEST new mortgage lead product in the last 5 years - Mortgage Trigger Data let's you know WHO is in the market NOW!

What is a trigger lead?

  • A lead generated by the credit bureaus based on credit being pulled as the result of a mortgage application (1003) being filed out.

  • You select the exact credit scores, mortgage amounts, geography, LTV and debt load. Each campaign can have custom filters to target your ideal prospect. When a borrower fits your desired profile, you get the lead within 24 hours.

  • What do you get within 24-48 hours of their credit being pulled? Customers name, address, city, state, zip, credit score, existing mortgage balance, revolving debt balance, LTV, the data their credit was pulled, and their phone number.

These are real people that have filled out a 1003 and had their credit pulled for a mortgage in the last 24-48 hours - Think you can close some of these???


  • 250 leads - $3 each
  • 500 leads - $2.50 each
  • 1000 leads - $2 each
  • 2500 leads - $1.50 each
  • 5000+ leads - $1 each
  • 10,000 + leads - Call

Discounts for call centers & volume orders

You can purchase a batch of
fresh records & choose how many
Triggers you want to receive on a
daily basis or you can take the full
batch of leads at once.


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