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It couldn't be easier... Let us help you construct a successful trial camapign that meets your exact needs and budget.


Partner with a winning team:
SmartLeadz is a dynamic exclusive lead that goes far beyond a standard internet lead. You are able to custom build each individual lead with over 21 filters that allow you to target your market and focus on prospects that turn into funded loans.

Why pay more 4 less?

Not only do SmartLeads provide you with more filters and options then most any lead provider but we offer them for FREE! SmartLeadz come with all of the necessary information to accurately qualify your borrower; not only does this increase closing ratios but frees up your time to sell more loans. Why would you invest in a lead with partial information and work with a lead vendor that sold your lead to 4-5 other brokers/lenders? The competition is fierce enough with out having a lead you bought and paid for sold to multiple other companies to maximize whose profiles yours? No the lead vendor, now who’s interests are at heart? Our leads are sold exclusively to you only!

We believe our success is driven by your success, our number one goal… providing you with the best exclusive leads possible.
Our clients find that they are able to dramatically increase their monthly funding volume, increase their average loan amount, and increase overall profitability. SmartLeads is the catalyst you have been waiting for to elevate your business to the next level; become a success story and exceed your annual income goals and let SmartLeads help get you there!

Let Us Help You Make 2009 Shine!

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