Lead Process

Image1.pngstep1.png We collect data from borrowers in your states who are actively looking for mortgage assistance. All applications are customer initiated and expect to hear from a mortgage professional.

Borrower applications are screened in our database and matched to meet your specific criteria.
  • Over 30 checks against your lead take place in our QC audit before lead delivery - including the following:
    • Reverse address to phone and phone to address comparison
    • Email address verification
    • Area Code comparison mapping
    • Zip Code comparison mapping
    • Cell phone and business phone lookup
    • Data compared to 5 different data sources!
Each application receives a confirmation email to let them know that a mortgage professional will be contacting them shortly. This lets the prospect know that their request is being processed and keeps them from getting impatient and applying elsewhere
Our mortgage trained call-agents contact the borrowers and review the application with them to validate the application data and confirm their interest.

Once verified we deliver the mortgage request to you. we can either transfer the call to you live or promptly email or fax the application to you in real-time.

All leads meet the conditions of the FTC Do Not Call registry. SmartLeadz offers an excellent lead return policy, each lead is 100% guaranteed for accuracy. If you receive a lead that has bad data or does not meet your filter requirements, simply return it for credit on a new lead.

SmartLeadz has perfected every means to bring you a quantity of qualified mortgage applications in real-time and on budget. We have a formula that incorporates over 250 different channels including:

ü      Vast network of lead producing websites on hundreds of search engines

ü      Consumer promotions & newsletters

ü      Strategic email marketing

ü      Voice Broadcast & Call Capture Marketing

ü      Advertising on a network of 3rd party affiliate websites

ü      National Radio advertising   & Television Infomercial Advertising

ü National Call Center for inbound/outbound marketing

ü      Over 500 print publications across North America including Blogs & RSS Feeds


Our team of search engine optimization experts strategically place PPC/CPC and organic search listings on all major search engines to capture motivated and qualified borrowers searching the internet for mortgage financing right now!



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