Real-Estate Purchase Leads

Real estate telemarketing leads deliver highly qualified and motivated customers. Smart Leadz offers 100% exclusive telemarketing leads that are ideal for brokers with in-house Realtors or for brokers who would like to build strong relationships with realtors and spend less time on marketing. Make the most of our internet real estate purchase leads that have superior conversion rate than traditional ones. Call us now!
  • 75% Of Homebuyers Being Their Purchase Process Online
  • Internet Leads Convert 3-10 Times Higher Then Tranditional
  • Work With Motivated & Qualified Buyers

Real Estate Leads

SmartLeadz understands that one of the key drivers of your success is to have enough qualified prospects to contact. With our real estate leads program, you can receive the leads you need, every day. We

75% of Homebuyers Begin Their Purchase Process Online

generate most of our real estate leads through our network of real estate related publishers and affiliates. Much of this effort piggybacks on our Mortgage Leads program, which in addition to home refinancing, also targets home buyers and sellers, which need both a mortgage and a real estate agent.
A key reason to buy real estate leads from SmartLeadz is to increase the efficiency of your business. We have a laser-like focus on generating quality leads, so you can have a similar focus on finding and selling homes for your clients.


If you can effectively outsource a good part of your prospecting to our firm by purchasing real estate leads, you will have more time and money to workon that part of your business that provides the largest returns - closing new business. With SmartLeadz you will contact people that
are actively seeking to speak to you regarding buying or selling real estate. You no longer have to cold call to find prospects; instead potential new clients are delivered to you every day.When weighing the value of using our leads, you should consider both the cost of doing your own advertising as well as the time you would spend on prospecting. Most of our clients choose to compliment their own lead generation and prospecting bypurchasing real estate leads.
How it Works
Extensive Nationwide Advertising. SmartLeadz places media buys on a variety of publisher channels. We advertise through long-standing relationships with publishers on a nationwide basis, so SmartLeadz is able to obtain the best possible placement and pricing for its media buys.

Consumers Request to be Contacted by our Network of Real Estate Agents Over the last 5 years, the executives at SmartLeadz have developed proprietary business processes to attract thousands of prospects every day. Each consumer fills in a detailed information request form, and asks to be contacted by insurance providers.

Information Requests go into our Leads Management System. Once we receive a consumer's information, we do a number of quality checks on the data to minimize the number of bad leads. Our lead management system then matches the leads to our clients' criteria and delivers the leads to clients every day.

Our Clients Contact the Prospects and Close Sales. Having SmartLeadz deliver pre-qualified prospects to you will increase your ROI by reducing your client acquisition costs, and increasing the number of potential clients you can work with each day.You spend more time closing busin- ess and less time chasing business
Other Types of Leads

Refinance Leads
Debt Consolidation Leads Purchase Leads
Reverse Mortgage
Expiring ARM
Home Equity Leads
Second mortgage leads New Construction Leads Government
FHA/VA Leads
Down Payment
Assistance Leads

Vacation & 2nd Home Leads
Investment Property Leads
Commercial Lending Leads

Telemarketing real estate leads are perfect for Brokers with in-house Realtors or for Brokers who like building solid relationships with realtors and spend less time on marketing.
  • Great way to build relationships with realtors
  • Increase your referral business
  • Half the price of refinance telemarketed leads
  • Less than 24 hours old
  • All telemarketed leads are 100% exclusive
We call current renters that have over 2 years of good rental history who make over $2500 a month. After our American telemarketers take the lead we warm the customer so they know that a loan officer/realtor will be contacting them within 24 hours to see how much they can get pre-qualified for a new home. We use name repetition while on the phone with the lead so they remember our company name and the telemarketer's name. Therefore, when you contact the lead they know who you are and why you're calling. All of our campaigns are custom to your target area. You tell us how many telemarketed leads you would like each day and we schedule you into our dialer to generate that many telemarketed leads. We then fax or email the telemarketed leads the next day to ensure all of our telemarketed leads are less than 24 hours old.
Everyday the telemarketed real estate leads our telemarketers generate are entered into our system for filtering. Any lead that does not meet the criteria in our return policy is automatically deleted and never sold. If you ever receive a lead which does not qualify under our quality control standards we will replace it free of charge.
  • No Bankruptcies
  • Good Rental History
  • Monthly Income of $2,500 or more (CA & FL - $3,500 or more)
  • Valid Phone Number

Sample Real-Estate Purchase Lead:

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