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Thank you for your interest in Smart Leadz targeted e-mail marketing programs. Below you will find the pricing to rent our e-mail databases, create your e-mail ad and send the e-mails through our dedicated mailing servers. The service works a lot like a pre-paid calling card, except with e-mails. You do not have to use your e-mail blocks by a certain date and you may send multiple messages in order to gauge response. We will even create multiple messages for you at no additional charge.  The goal is to find the best ad...then put your message in front of your ideal audience to generate exclusive, branded leads to drive sales. Let us Smart Leads help you tailor a campaign to meet your exact needs and budget!   Our Services Include the Following:

    * Our Graphics Team Designs Your AD
    * You Pick Your Target Audience  
    * Get OPT-IN Customer List Compiled
    * We Scrub Do not E-mail Database
    * Deployment of Millions of E-mails
    * Track Click-Thru's & Open Rates
    * Direct Traffic To Your Web site
    * Customer Contacts You Interested
    * Blast Can Broken Up As You Need  


            Smart Leadz is proud to offer access to 200 Million +/- Consumers & 45 Million +/- Businesses. We can breakdown your demographic criteria by over 20K filters. Attached you will find a breakdown of the different filters that we offer and the payment form that we will use to open your account. Please fill it out and fax it to the specified number.  
            We can get through your SPAM filters because we use authenticated severs that are white listed & designed to get the highest inbox delivery ratio. I am certain you will be impressed with the volume of traffic we will provide for such a low cost. This is an excellent targeted marketing service and is highly recommended for immediate targeted traffic! Typically you should hit 1 million inboxes within 48 hours. This will give you an opportunity to present your product to your ideal customer on a large scale. Please let me know if there are any further questions I may answer or if I can pull a count for you to see how many qualified prospects for your product we have in our database. Feel free to call or email me.  

  •             Before Email Deployment:    
  •             After Email Deployment:     
  •             What is SmartTrack™ Tracking Manager?

            When you do a group mailing to your customers, you may send out thousands of emails, but for the most part you have no real indication of the success or failure of your campaign.

  •             How many people opened your email?
  •             How many people clicked on your links?
  •             When did all of this take place?

            With our SmartLeadz Tracking Manager software, which is included in an account, you can better understand what is happening to your emails. When you are doing your mailing, you simply replace your links with our traceable links, and place a small image in your email* (HTML emails only), and you can sit back while Tracking Manager tracks all of the events that happen as your email is opened by your customers.

            With these types of reports at your disposal, you can figure out if your customers find your emails of interest, or what part of them they are most interested in. For instance if you are trying to sell products online, and you send out a regular newsletter with a list of new products, you could use Tracking Manager to see what your customers are most interested in.


  • Tracking Manager Features
    Track open rates and click through rates
    Option to calculate cost per click rates
    Enter recipient and bounce numbers for accurate reporting
    Track unique information, IP address, and date/time
    Integrate with Software
    Full reporting features including PDF export
    XML/CSV export option


This is a sample of a tracking log from our Loan Modification Kit promotion.

CampaignDescription LaunchSent Delivered DeliveredUniqueOpen Unique Click SalesNet
ID DateEmailsEmailsRateOpensRateClick
Rat Profit
Mod Kit


Emails Sent 
250,000 Emails Sent$1,299.00
1 Million Emails
5 Million Emails
10 Million Emails
25 Million Emails

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